About Us

HABIBTY is roughly translated to mean 'MY BELOVED'. Which is the perfect way to describe what we think of 'the Hijab'. Because we hold this close to our hearts, we take pride in our products and see that the best fabrics and embellishments are used. We pride ourselves in ensuring each design is distinctive in its own way, that they are so easy to fall in LOVE with. This is one of the main reasons why we can proudly say our clients are always happy with their selection and keep coming back for more designs.  

We consider our quality to be our pride, and therefore a lot of care and finishing goes into each piece. Moreover we offer beautifully wrapped packages right to your door, which means you can own a HABIBTY Abaya no matter where you are.

We produce a broad design range so as to accommodate women from all walks of life. You will find Abayas from basic blacks to the more striking and colorful ones.

When you purchase a Habibty Abaya, you can be certain that it has been created with a lot of pride and love.