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ATIFAPrice: £85

Simple cut abaya, has a green jersey strip running across the top and green jersey sleeve detail. The jersey has crystal work on it.

SAWSANPrice: £120

An African inspired abaya with the traditional 'kitenge' fabric. The vast flared sleeves are fully lined with this print and there is a panel of it at the front. To ape the flowers on this print there are 3D flowers made from the African textile down the neck.

AMINAHPrice: £70

Purple velvet and crystals; an abaya fit for a Queen. With a round cut on the sleeve this abaya has a distinctive sleeve detail with a matching strip on the shella.

ASIMAPrice: £90

Soft black fabric mixed with rich silks. The sleeves are cut in a bell shape and have silk lining, the cuff is then buttoned back with a strap of diamantes, a thread tussle is then added to give it a different feature.

HARWAPrice: £60

A simple straight abaya with a velvet zebra print detail at the sleeves.