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HOORIYAPrice: £135

An elegant and exquisite piece. A basic color pallet of whites, greys and blacks, this abaya has a diamond shaped patch on the front that is home to delicate crystal handwork. The chiffon flowing in front gives this look the elegance.

SAHLAPrice: £127

A Greek-inspired abaya with chiffon and crystal detailing. The sash falling over the shoulder down to the floor is studded with crystals that sparkle.

MAJEEDAPrice: £66

Green crystal and cord work on a satin 'Bahraini' abaya. The cross detail of the cord at the front gives the abaya a classy look.

AALAPrice: £111

Beautiful black with a hint of gold. A belt at the back made of thread tassel with the big sleeves give this abaya a stylish look.

SHADHAPrice: £66

Pinkish-Purple and Gold glass beads were used to create bold yet simple flowers on the sleeves and one end of the shella.