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SAMEERAPrice: £70

A simple black abaya with sleeves made of a delicate net fabric that is see though, this abaya can be worn with a black inner top or to spice it up maybe add some color.

ALMASPrice: £76

A unique cut on the sleeves that flow. With blue, pink and beige floral inspired embroidery.

IZDIHARPrice: £114

This abaya has a 3-layer skirt and a belt at the waist; the layers give a soft look to the abaya.

NATHIFAPrice: £65

A satin abaya with exotic beads hanging from side to side, this abaya is for someone who dares to wear.

ADAWIYAHPrice: £127

A long and slender look, this abaya is made of jersey and has gathers running down the left hand side and along the right sleeve. It come with 2 sets of broaches and can be pinned where desired.